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Adventures with Robots now has a new name: The Great Adventure Lab (formerly known as Adventures with Robots). Same company same management, new name. While we are making the transition, payments to us will show up on your credit card as Paypal*AWR or Paypal*ADVENT W ROB.

If you are looking for a fun, different and yes -  affordable! - hands-on birthday party for up to 12 kids, try ours! (Planning a bigger party? Scroll down. Or bring us to your Scouts troop!)

Here's what one of our recent party hosts had to say about our part of her party:

"I was filled with pride as I watched each group dive in, work together and try really hard to build their part of the soccer game. ... Then Danika offered them all motion sensors.  It was a huge hit.  I had a table full of boys excited about building and programming!  Truly excited about it! ... Some of the boys were literally jumping up and down with excitement.  All I could do was stand there and smile.  It was the most perfect combination of learning and fun I have ever witnessed.  Thank you." - Michelle, Kensington, Md.

Basic Robotics Party

We’ll spend the first 20-30 minutes following on-screen instructions to build our robots with actual LEGO® pieces from our robotics kits. Then our instructor will teach your guests about programming, and how to write simple programs using LEGO® Education’s drag-and-drop software. Depending on how quickly your guests build and program, they will have 20 to 30 minutes left to play with the robots after programming!

Our price? $185 for up to 12 guests. That's about $100 less than some of the other science parties out there. And our party is hands-on. Read on for information about discounts.

To get this price, you must live within a 20-minute drive of Wheaton, Md.  and provide one adult who stays in the room to assist children who need help. If you prefer not to provide a helper, we can provide one for an additional cost of $50 per hour. We'd rather keep costs low for you, though!

For parties more than 20 minutes away from Wheaton, we add a distance charge of  based on round-trip driving time from Wheaton, MD, as computed by Google Maps. Please contact us for details before making your reservation.

Our price does not include party venue, invitations, decorations, cake, etc. - but you'd probably rather do those anyway!

*For up to 24 guests, we provide two instructors, 12 netbooks and 12 robotics kits. You provide one parent aide. Price: $275.

Robo Challenge party for up to 10 guests, grades 3 to 5.  $185

AWR provides one instructor, five notebooks, and five robotics kits for shared use.  Participating guests are age 8 or older.  Younger guests are seated with their own responsible, participating adult who is not the party helper.  We set up and clean on a table/s you provide.  Tables should be large and not  occupied by other items, such as food or drink.  Our activity takes 85 minutes, plus 5 minutes to clean up. 

Our instructor will help your party-goers design and program a robotic LEGO® machine that can accomplish a certain task. The current favorite project: building a trap that can catch our Hexbug Nanos!

Mindstorms© party for up to 8 guests, grades 4 to 7.  $195

AWR provides one instructor, four notebooks, and four robotics kits for shared use.  Participating guests are age 9 or older.  Younger guests are seated with their own responsible, participating adult who is not the party helper.  Requires floor space.  Six feet by eight feet on a hard smooth surface is perfect (wood floors are great). We set up and clean up floor space.  Our activity takes 85 minutes, plus 5 minutes to clean up. 

Capture the flag activity based on LEGO® Education’s Mindstorms platform. Your guests will build the bots (which are already partially constructed – otherwise the party would take three hours) and then do some on-board programming to get the fun going.

Crime Scene party for up to 12 guests, ages 7 and up.  $175

AWR provides one instructor and all materials necessary to set up and solve a "crime scene" mystery.  Participating guests should be similar age range.  The materials we provide may include professional fingerprinting equipment, footprint casting materials, microscopes, and/or samples of hair, fiber, and/or simulated blood.

We require 10-15 minutes to set up prior to allowing children into the "crime scene area" and 15 minutes to clean up without your guests in the room.  We are at the party venue for 90 minutes, but our activity for your guests runs for 60 minutes.

During the party, your guests will conduct various tests and experiments, including fingerprinting and blood/ hair/ fiber casting to figure out whodunit! We bring all the equipment and clean everything to your satisfaction before we go.

Storybook Science party for up to 12 guests, grades K-1 $175

AWR provides one instructor, hardback copy of the book and all materials necessary for the chosen activity.  We are at the party venue for 75 minutes, but our activity for your guests runs for 60 minutes.

When your guests are assembled, we’ll read the book that goes with the project, and then launch into our activity.

Our materials are non-toxic and washable. These are messy activities. Although we will take every precaution to protect our environment, we recommend performing this party in a large area that is not carpeted or near delicate fabrics or family heirlooms. Backyards, patios and kitchens are our preferred venues! We recommend that children wear the same clothes they usually wear to art class. In addition to a take-home project for each child, we will present the birthday child with a new, hardback copy of the book that all the party-goers can sign!


*15% off for parties for current or recent students of our after-school or evening programs (or siblings of those students).

Each and every one of our instructors is trained, enthusiastic, has extensive experience with children and has passed a recent background check. Adventures with Robots is an LLC registered in Montgomery County, Md. We are insured and our instructors are bonded. We are not affiliated with LEGO©.

NOTE: if you pre-paid for your party via Living Social or a voucher that you purchased through your school's silent auction, you do not need to pay a deposit.

If you pre-paid for a coupon toward the total value of the party, then yes, you must pay a deposit.

How to book:


2. When we have confirmed your date, we will email you a reservation form. Fill it out and email it back to us. Then use this site to purchase your party reservation "ticket" online. OR, use this site to indicate that you will be mailing your registration form with a check. You do not need to print out the "ticket."

You can change your reservation date for no charge or get a full refund of your deposit if you notify us at least 10 days before you party date. We will make every attempt to accomodate your request. We will collect the final payment in check form at your party.

We look forward to making your party awesome!!


The Great Adventure Lab
(formerly known as Adventures with Robots)
(240) 442-1855
twitter: @awrobots


March 07, 2012 — 12:00 pm to
December 31, 2013 — 12:00 am

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